Conquests and Responsibilities

Conquests and Responsibilities

Children of Our Souls,
May Jesus, the incomparable Friend of Our Lives, bless us all.
Following Constantine’s victory at the Milvian Bridge on the Tiber on the outskirts of Rome, Christianity, inspired by Jesus’s teachings, initiated a new era. In fact, the Emperor Constantine pronounced the free expression of Christianity to the Roman Empire on June 13, 313.

Although the great victory of the martyrs achieved the introduction of religious freedom for Christians, it also initiated a period of great difficulty for practitioners of the glorious Gospel preached by the greatest friend of the sufferers.
Gradually, the illuminated doctrine of the persecuted yielded to the ungraceful practices of persecutors.

The old shrines dedicated to the gods were embellished and converted into cathedrals, in honor of the One who in life had no place to rest His head, even as the birds of the heavens had their nests and the savage beasts their dens.
Later, the doctrine of love united with the temporary power of arbitrary Earthly politics, to share the thrown of unwise and perverse governments...

Those who dissented were punished by fire and iron, and labeled as heretics to be constrained at any price. This culminated with Justinian, of the second Ecumenical Council of Constantinople in 553, who condemned the original doctrine of the soul’s rebirth, a demonstration of divine justice, as innately heretical.
When the vile Crusades emerged, they were heinously crowned by the Holy Office, the Inquisition, and the terrible darkness that dominated spiritual consciousness on Earth...

New hope was born when Martin Luther emerged to free the Holy Gospel from the theological impositions of its possessive and fanatic interpreters. This represented the first major step to prepare for the arrival of Spiritism. It was then that the silence of the grave opened to provide the immortal souls an opportunity to sing the glorious anthem of perpetual life, exulting love, charity and the restoration of the unmistakable beauty of Jesus’ words.

Following a long period of persecution, scorn, prison, and burning (at the stake), Spiritists of the world can rejoice at the freedom that they have achieved step-by-step, with tears and bitter pain, through unspeakable intolerance – a testimony to the power of faith...
Beloved children, many of you certainly belong to that group who accompanied Constantine in welcoming the followers of Jesus into the Roman Empire.

Now, you repeat the great achievement of liberating our understanding of the Gospel through the practice of Spiritism, which is tolerated throughout the world. However, if this means victory, as no doubt it does, it also represents a great danger of falling prey to the domination of conscience, arbitrary attitudes, and misleading governance.

Be aware! Be united and unified by the ideal of truth. Keep yourselves cohesive and faithful to the Codification, which is the basis on which you will build the Temple of Universal Brotherhood.
Be tolerant without guile.
Work for the dissemination of truth, without forfeiting your principles through partnerships with worldly interests.

Be fraternal to all and everyone, without accepting the imposition of wrongdoings, crime, disguises, and the denial of the Jesus’ presence in your midst.
We are building the future.
We, who preceded you as Spiritist-spirits, accompany you in this challenging task.
We do not ignore the difficulties that will confront you in this path. We are aware that personal past and the enemies of Goodness will interfere in this mission. Above all, do not forget to be vigilant and pray.

Christ cares for and controls the Earthly ship as a sublime Planetarium. He counts on you as His collaborators, to differentiate the message of love and peace, wisdom and liberation from the tinsel liars of the world, and the ephemeral victories that dissipate with the sun of truth and the joy of morning...

Victories attained become great responsibilities.
Each step extends the boundaries of responsibility, requiring more of your dedication and sacrifice.
Unite yourselves! Love and help one another!

These enlightened days initiate the Era of eternal light for the entire world.
Friends of our souls, children of our hearts, bring Jesus into the world and stay positive even when you encounter intolerance and suffering, because His kingdom is not of this world. To overcome, it is necessary that you win over the world and its passions.

This is the message conveyed by the Mentors of different nations gathered here through your ever humble and paternal servant and friend,

Bezerra de Menezes

(Message received by the medium Divaldo Pereira Franco in trance mediumship during  the 12th Meeting of the International Spiritist Council in Cartagena, Colombia on October 14 2007, after the closing of the 5th World Spiritist Meeting.)

Tradução de Vanessa Anseloni.

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